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This article contains spoilers for the game's puzzles. If you'd like to solve them for yourself, you should avoid reading this article.

The following is a walkthrough for completing the prologue of Detention. This chapter provides a basic introduction of the characters and core game mechanics.


This chapter opens with a cutscene of Wei falling asleep in class and waking up during a typhoon. The player gains control once the cutscene ends and Wei gets up from his desk.

  1. Exit through either the left or right door.
    1. There is a note on the desk behind yours.
  2. Walk all the way left or right and take the stairs down
  3. When you find a large metal roll-up door about halfway between the stairs. Enter the door right next to it.
  4. Turn on the light by pulling the cord hanging from it, then take the crank on the shelf.
  5. Go back outside and open the panel between you and the roll-up door, then use the hand crank on it.
  6. Go through this newly opened door and downhill into the auditorium
  7. A zooming cutscene will play on the girl onstage before Wei walks in. If you want a story-based approach, you can go onstage and talk to her now, but for efficiency, continue past her to the left and enter the first door.
  8. Take the umbrella out of the bucket on the far left.
  9. Look at the fan, then use the umbrella on the object inside.
  10. Go talk to the girl onstage and give her the pendant.
  11. Exit the auditorium through the door to the left of the room you found the pendant in and walk left until you reach the river and trigger a conversation.
  12. After the conversations end, exit through either door and walk to the left until the screen turns black.