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Fang Ray Shin (方芮欣), often referred to as Ray or Miss Fang, is one of the main characters in Detention, and the one who the player primarily controls. She is in the senior year at Greenwood High School, and is among the primary causes of the events of the story.


Ray looks like an ordinary teenage girl with chin-length black hair. Her attire, consisting of her school uniform — a white button-up shirt, black skirt, a pair of white socks, black shoes, and a white jade deer pendant — is worn almost throughout the entire game.

In one chapter of the game, it is shown that her house attire is a t-shirt and shorts.



Ray was a bright student of Greenwood High School. She was very active and participated in many school activities. When Ray's parents started fighting, she became depressed and her grades dropped, which got her sent to meet Mr. Chang, the school counselor. During their counselling, the two grew close to each other, and Ray becomes emotionally attached to him, and the two have a brief romantic relationship. The pendant that Ray wears was a gift from Chang. Ray overhears Ms. Yin confronting Chang about how much time they are spending together, and Chang agrees to stop seeing Ray. Chang tells Ray that her grades have improved and they don't need to see each other anymore, and he distances himself from her. Fang suspected that Chang was avoiding her because he loved Yin instead of her.

Ray, seeking revenge against Ms. Yin, then turned the book club reading list in to Instructor Bai, resulting in the arrest of all students involved along with Ms. Yin and Mr. Chang. She didn't know that both Chang and Yin had relations to the club, and that Chang avoided her because he didn't want Fang get associated with the club.

She began to feel guilty about snitching when Mr. Chang got executed for his crimes. Her classmates bullied and shunned her for her actions. This caused her to commit suicide and her body was buried in an unmarked grave.


The game takes place in a Purgatory-like realm where she has to relive and confront her past.