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This article contains spoilers for the game's puzzles. If you'd like to solve them for yourself, you should avoid reading this article.

The following is a walkthrough for Chapter 3 of Detention.


  1. Walk to the right until you find a door, radio, and save point. This area will serve as a sort of hub for chapter 3.
  2. Interact with the radio. Tune it to about 88.5. Exit through the right door, then walk through the room and exit through another right door. Turn the lights off and interact with the center painting.
    1. If you want to solve a later puzzle on your own, you should note the orientation of the paintings with the lights on and the blood streaks with the lights off.
  3. Pick up the juice cup under the painting.
  4. Return to the radio and tune it to about 94.0
  5. Exit through the right door.
  6. Use the juice cup on the puddle of water, then walk all the way to the right to turn off the lights.
  7. Follow the footsteps through the doors. From left to right, they will lead you through the doors in the order: 34513
  8. Walk right and enter through the first door you find, then exit through another door on the right
  9. Interact with the clocks. Set the left one to 6:45 and the right one to 1:00
  10. Return to the radio and tune it to 88.5, then return to the room with the paintings. A door will appear on the left. Go through it.
  11. Walk left until you trigger a cutscene and a conversation. Take the paper plane from the table afterwards.
  12. Return to the radio. There will be a note on the dining room table as you pass it that tells you about a new radio station, 103.0. Tune the radio to this new station.
  13. Exit to the right.
  14. you will be in a room with many shattered mirrors with light switches next to them. For each mirror, if you turn off the lightswitch, you will see the shadow of another figure inside it as you walk by, going either in the same or opposite direction as you. Turn the lights off on every mirror where the man walks in the same direction as you. This means mirrors 1346 should be on. The door at the end will be lit up if you did it correctly. Go through this door.
  15. Exit through the door to the right, then walk left and interact with the coats to receive a coin.
  16. Return to the radio and tune it to 88.5.
  17. Interact with the piggy bank on the left and insert the coin
  18. Tune the radio to 94.0
  19. Interact with the smashed piggy bank on the left and take the ticket
  20. Tune the radio to 103.0
  21. Return to the coat and continue left past it, then continue left until you reach the ticket counter. Use your ticket on the ticket counter.
  22. Enter the door to the left. A cutscene will play.
  23. Exit through the door on the right and return to the radio.
  24. Pick up the assignment book on the ground next to the desk.
  25. Tune the radio to 94.0
  26. Exit through the door on the right, then walk all the way right to go through another door
  27. Walk all the way left and use the assignment book on the shadow
  28. When the conversation ends, pick up the counseling records from the desk.
  29. Return to the radio
  30. Go through the now open door next to the radio desk
  31. A ghost of Ray will appear next to the desk. Give it the paper airplane.
  32. Give the deer pendant to the Ray near the window
  33. Give the counseling records to the Ray on the bed
  34. Interact with the door