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This article contains spoilers for the game's puzzles. If you'd like to solve them for yourself, you should avoid reading this article.

The following is a walkthrough for completing Chapter 1 of Detention.


This chapter opens with Ray waking up underneath Wei's hanging body.

  1. Walk to the left and pick up the candle, then exit through the left door.
    1. The fan in the close where you got the pendant in the prologue contains an optional note.
  2. Walk all the way to the right and examine the alter. It will contain a key and a note on how to deal with Lingered.
  3. A lingered is now blocking your way back to the auditorium. Approach it and hold your breath with the right mouse button (you can get approximately 4 character lengths away before you need to start holding your breath). If you upset it, run back to the shrine and it will give up. Once you're past it, it doesn't matter if you trigger it because you will outrun it.
  4. Proceed back into the auditorium and use the key to unlock the door on the far right.
  5. Walk to the left and enter the door next to the stairs.
    1. The flower in the planter you pass contains an optional note.
  6. Answer the phone.
    1. The red shrine in this room is a save point.
  7. Leave the room and go up the stairs to your left, then walk all the way to the right and take the last door, which leads to the bathroom.
  8. In the bathroom, interact with the mirror to get the pliers, and the sink on the far left of the room to get a die.
  9. Upon leaving, there will be a lingered blocking your way back. You can either sneak past her or enter the classroom nearby and exit through the other door.
  10. Use the pliers on the gate to open it, then enter.
    1. The room through the gate has an optional note on the floor.
  11. Enter through the first door on the right. Pick up the food offering on the stool, then interact with the eye chart. Flip the switch on the eye chart to turn the light on, then click on the shadow of the key. Drag the board up to get the key.
    1. This room contains an optional note on the desk and a save station.
  12. Leave the room and drag the food offering out of your inventory. This will place it on the ground and the nearby Lingered will run towards it. Hold your breath and move past her to the right and use the key to unlock that door.
  13. Interact with the shower to get a die, and interact with the box on the table to get paint thinner.
  14. Use the door on the right to get back into the nurse's office and bypass the lingered you left in the other room.
    1. The food offering in this room respawns. You may wish to grab it again.
  15. Once you exit through the gate you opened earlier, walk to the left and go downstairs, then walk all the way to the right until you find a door with a bunch of drawings on it. When passing the lingered on this floor, wait until she stops or is moving towards you to start holding your breath, or use the food offering.
  16. Use the paint thinner on the door and go inside.
  17. Take the knife from the table, then go into the door on the left.
    1. There is an optional note on the stool
  18. Interact with the bucket to get a third die, then interact with the bowl on the table and toss the dice. They will give you the code 623, which will be added to your journal in case you forget. You will then receive the bowl.
  19. Return to the auditorium where Wei is hanging (via the double-doors on the first floor).
  20. Interact with Wei and use the knife to slice his throat and use the bowl to catch his blood.
  21. Return to the school and go up to the third floor, then enter the first door on the right.
  22. Interact with the only desk in the room and use the bowl of blood on it, then use your journal on the blood-stained desk.
  23. Return to the first floor and walk all the way to the right, you will find a gate with a lock on it.
  24. Use the blood print to enter 623 into the lock and go through the gate and upstairs to the third floor.
  25. Walk left until you get to an open gate. Go through it.
    1. You will pass a room along the way that contains a save point.
  26. Walk right and try to open the first door you find.
  27. Run.
  28. In the next room, pick up the note on the table.
  29. Interact with the mirror on the desk, the trash can in the bottom right, and the door on the far right. Then go to bed.