Detention Wiki

The following is a list of Steam achievements for Detention. There are 7 normal achievements and 1 secret achievement.

List of Achievements[]

Icon Name Description Note
Achievement - Foreign land.jpg Foreign land Waking up in the field. Complete Chapter 1
Achievement - More than a teacher.jpg More than a teacher Watch a movie with Mr. Chang. Complete Chapter 3
Achievement - I am who I am.jpg I am who I am Initiate conversation with the other Ray. Switch places with shadow Ray in the beginning of Chapter 4
Achievement - Everyone loves you.jpg Everyone loves you Ray attending the award ceremony Complete the game
Achievement - What made you think this would work.jpg What made you think this would work? Dial 119 or 110 with the phone The phone is found in Chapter 2
Achievement - Collector.jpg Collector Picked up all the notes.
Achievement - Outstanding observer.jpg Outstanding observer Find more than 90% of all observation points. Observation points are anything that the cursor turns into an eye when hovering over.
Achievement - Back to school.jpg Back to school (secret) Get the true ending The true ending is earned by giving all the correct answers to the shadow Rays in Chapter 4